AKTIVA_MCI - active cognitive stimulation - prevention of cognitive decline in the elderly for persons with MCI. A sub-study of the overall project

"Enhancing memory function in patients with MCI by means of dietary interventions, physical exercise and cognitive stimulation"

 Background and objectives of the project

The AKTIVA training program that has already been implemented and evaluated in healthy, elderly persons is now to be offered in combination with dietary interventions and physical exercise to people with MCI.

Taking the special needs of MCI patients into account, the AKTIVA program is to be modified and subsequently implemented and evaluated. It is anticipated that in addition to stabilization and a possible improvement in cognitive status, participation in the intervention program will have a positive impact on the assessment of subjectively experienced cognitive impairment, quality of life and mood, as well as lead to an increase in personal initiative and thus to the maintenance and possibly an improvement in the overall level of functioning. As in the case of the initial AKTIVA study, the intervention is expected to provide guidance on how to more actively participate in cognitively stimulating leisure activities. In addition, participants will be instructed on possible secondary dementia preventionand will receive motivational support so that such incitements encourage personal initiative. Furthermore, ways of dealing with existing memory impairment and strategies on how to cope with the disease are to be learned and unfavorable attributional styles detected and worked on in order to prevent, amongst other things, social withdrawal.


The AKTIVA-MCI training program is to be implemented over a period of 20 weeks. It will entail 13 two-hourly group sessions in small groups, as well as individual counseling and trial phases.

 Cooperation partners

  • Department of Neurology, Charité Medical School, , Prof. Dr. Agnes Flöel
  • Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University, Hannover, Institute of Food Science, Unit of Nutrition Physiology and Human Human Nutrition, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hahn
  • Humboldt-University, Berlin, Institute of Sports Science, Prof. Dr. Wolff and Dr. Brechtel


The sub-study AKTIVA_MCI will be conducted from June 2011 to June 2014.


The AKTIVA_MCI trial will be sponsored by the BMBF Ministry of Education and Research as part of the research network "Nutrition research - for a healthy life, module: innovations and new ideas for the nutrition sector; Enhancing memory function in patients with MCI by means of dietary interventions, physical exercise and cognitive stimulation", Funding reference number (FKZ) 0315673C.

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